International Mission

Christ Church Goes to Cuba 2016

We did it! From May 8 -18, 2016, Christ Church Parishioners traveled from Orlando to Havana by air and then by bus over 900 km to Santiago and Holguin, Cuba. Our new companion church is St. Mark's - Holguin under the guidance of lay minister Gil Fat. Before leaving the island we were able to assist Gil by purchasing a used motorbike that will help him avoid his 40 minute walk to work every day and enable his pastoral care work in Holguin. Our plan for the future is to help Gil build a church. Our travelers were: Ray and Hilda Jones, Warren and Mia Jerrems, Dick Hooper, June Linke, Eric and Carrie Stephenson, Owen Drey, and Dwight and Jessica Babcock.

Stay tuned for information on future trips.

How did we get to Cuba? As a lay person Jessica led the Cuba Mission Team for her church in Jacksonville, FL which still has a vibrant companion relationship with their church in Itabo, Cuba. During her many mission trips to Cuba, her partner on the ground was The Rev’d Griselda Delgado – who is now the Bishop of Cuba. As we form this new relationship with St. Mark's, we are thankful that we have the support of the Episcopal Church in Cuba through Bishop Griselda. (Pictured below, Street Scene, Havana. Bishop Griselda is seated to the left of the cigar vendor.)

 Street Scene La Havana

Would you like to be on our new International Mission Team? Contact Mother Jessica at

Christ Church in Tanzania

Did you know that we also support two Anglican Priests in Tanzania? Rev’d Raheli and Rev’d Mathew reside in the village of Zanka, Tanzania, just north of the capital city of Dodoma. Between them, they minister to five churches in the African bush. The Brotherhood of St. Andrew and the Episcopal Church Women at Christ Church have donated money for the building of a new Rectory for Raheli and Mathew. The foundation and walls have been built but it still needs a roof. Would you like to help finish the Rectory? Email Mother Jessica to find out how you can help.