Waiting and Reflecting

As we journey into the season of Advent, let’s not forget that it’s not Christmas yet. Just as the world counts down the days to Christmas, we walk through these four weeks of waiting, reflecting and preparing ourselves for the Christ to be born and laid in the manger. We are much like wheat ready to harvest, with our own protective casing. What are you willing to let go of to completely prepare yourself during the season of Advent? Perhaps showing gratitude for the blessings of this life or maybe taking the time to write a note of thanks. Instead of stressing out over the perfect gift, take a moment to reflect and think. What if we let go of our protective casing and allowed God to transform us? We have the potential to be transformed into bread for a hungry world. 


James Lawrence

James Lawrence is a lifelong Episcopalian, husband, father, youth minister, traveler, reader, and writer. He enjoys the beach and the outdoors, cold brew coffee and red wine, and playing with his children at the park in his spare time.

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