Easter: The Hunt is On… Not so Fast!

Yesterday I was at Target with my kids and as we shopped, they played I spy. One of the biggest things they noticed was a banner that was hanging across the entrance that said, “Easter: The Hunt Is On.”

At first, they noticed the bunny around the letters, but Grayson immediately exclaimed, “But it’s not Easter yet!” We talked about having just been at church and being part of the Palm Sunday procession. The entire Sunday afternoon Ainsley had spent exclaiming, “Hosanna in the Highest.” After we left Target, we talked about what else happens before Easter and it was amazing to hear the story of Jesus’ journey to the cross from the lips of my children. They are so young and innocent, they love hunting eggs and yet they want to hear the real story unfold first.

We are immersed in a culture that is always ahead of the faith story with marketing displays showing up earlier and earlier, but what my kids reminded me of was to slow down. There is a story that we have yet to experience this year, and although we may have heard it before; we need to walk through Holy Week this year before we can fully experience the joy of the resurrection on Easter morning.