Adult Sunday Morning Christian Education

Sunday Morning Talk
Adult Ed Meredith Jones

The Bible Project

Join us this fall with an interactive journey to connect us with fellow parishioners and dig deeper into God’s Word. We will be using Bible Project to lead us in our study. As the people of Christ Church, we will read the entire New Testament over the course of two fall semesters. Click here for the readings and links.
There are three ways to engage:
1. Small group discussions Sundays at 9:30 AM. We will begin in a Zoom format where we watch a short video on the Bible book being covered for the week then break out into small groups to discuss two questions.
2. Disciple track – read highlights of the Bible book covered on Sunday each day.
3. Scholar track – read the entire Bible book covered on Sunday over the course of the week.

Adult Christian Formation Class

Sacred Ground Dialogue ~ Sunday, 9:30 AM
This is a curriculum designed by the Episcopal Church to aid local parishes in Becoming Beloved Community through “a transformational conversation about race.” This Sunday at 9:30 AM there will be an informational Zoom meeting to give an overview of expectations and texts for the course. These lessons could possibly be very helpful for anyone who lives or works in a diverse environment and desires to improve communication and relationships. The dialogue will be facilitated by Dick Hooper and David Starling. Please email Kelly Heindl or call the church office (850) 432-5115 to sign-up or for more information.

Sunday Centering Prayer Group (Ongoing)

Centering Prayer is a method of silent prayer that prepares us to receive the gift of contemplative prayer, in which we experience God’s presence within us.  We begin by taking a few minutes to go over the basic guidelines of the practice for anyone who is new.  We then sit together in the 20-minute prayer period, followed by a brief time for sharing and intercessory prayer.  All are welcome — newcomers and experienced practitioners.  This class meets in the Centering Prayer room on the administrative hallway.  The facilitator is Joan White.