Adult Sunday Morning Christian Education

Sunday Morning Talk
Adult Ed Meredith Jones

Rector's class: Images of God in Art

During the month of January, Father Michael and Rev. Katie will be leading a Sunday school class on the ways that artists have tried to portray God. We will be using projections of famous pieces of God and considering how they succeed and fall short of capturing the reality of God in their art.

Adult Christian Formation Roundtable Class

Images have been vitally important in the scriptures of our Judeo-Christian religion. Those images have taught us about the God we worship and how we as followers are to act in the world. Kent Annan in chapter six (“Forming a Human Chain”) of his book, You Welcomed Me,imagines the church as people who join together to rescue those calling for help. Our discussion this week centers on commitments we make to join the human rescue chain. For more information, contact David Starling by text or phone (850) 712-0977 or email
Led by David Starling. This class meets in Rm. 32, upstairs in the Christian Ed Bldg.

Lectionary Class

With Advent the church begins times of special reflection.  Advent is the time of expectation and return, followed by Epiphany, a time of discovery, Lent, as a time of examination, and Easter, the capstone of the year, a time of joy and celebration.  Come and experience these times in the Lectionary Class.  Just as Jesus invited his disciples to “come and see,” come and discover what Jesus’ life, death and resurrection mean in our own times. Led by Dick Hooper. This class will meet in the Parlor.

Sunday Centering Prayer Group (Ongoing)

Centering Prayer is a method of silent prayer that prepares us to receive the gift of contemplative prayer, in which we experience God’s presence within us.  We begin by taking a few minutes to go over the basic guidelines of the practice for anyone who is new.  We then sit together in the 20-minute prayer period, followed by a brief time for sharing and intercessory prayer.  All are welcome — newcomers and experienced practitioners.  This class meets in the Centering Prayer room on the administrative hallway.  The facilitator is Joan White.

Christ Church Moms

A Study for Christ Church Moms
Sundays ~ 9:30-10:15 AM ~ Library
A new Christian Formation class for mothers of children and youth. Join us for a book study, support, and friendship! Led by Jen Leahey. This class meets in the Library, upstairs in the Christian Education Building.