June Breakfast

Guest: Ken Fagan, Commander of Pensacola Salvation Army

Brothers St. Andrew learned about the ministry of the local Salvation Army Church at their June 17 meeting. Major Kenneth Fagan, Commander of the Pensacola Salvation Army, listed the wide-ranging ministries of his post which include temporary shelter for the homeless, children’s outreach to keep the underprivileged in school and off the streets, support for households, and even a smoking cessation program. The army also teaches such basic tasks as household shopping and budgeting. Commander Ken emphasized that the army’s focus is to build responsible, independent citizens rather than donate to “toxic charity.”

He also pointed out that the Salvation Army sponsors the Angel Tree, and only 10 out of over 600 angels last year did not find a sponsor. Major Fagan praised the Pensacola community as one of the most generous he has encountered in his career as a minister in the army. Christ Church is a proud sponsor of the Angel Tree. Much of the funding for the army’s missions comes from the “Christmas kettle donations.” 90% of these donations stay in Escambia County while a tithe goes to regional headquarters in Tampa.

Also, Brother John Griffing hosted Father Michael Drinkwater to the meeting. He is now the Canon to the Cathedral Church of St. John in Albuquerque NM and is a former parishioner of St. Francis Gulf Breeze.