Member Directory

Bob Yearty is a lifelong Episcopalian who is a retired Navy veteran and a choir spouse. He always enjoys Christ Church Choir and on those Sundays when he is not a challis bearer, he enjoys a few quiet moments of solitude in the magnificence of our sanctuary before Sunday services. His life is filled (especially summers on the lake) with 14 grandchildren and he often spoils a good walk by ineptly trying to play golf.

Craig Dosher identifies with the dauphin. He is a perpetual trickster whose love for the English language is tempered only by his love for humanity. He eats lots of seafood, especially fish. His favorite vegetable is mustard greens. He is an Episcopal zealot.

Amy Hoffman is a mom, an on-again-off-again teacher, and a Roman Catholic turned Episcopalian. Her husband is Father Michael, Rector of Christ Church to many, but to her, he is the guy who never closes cabinet doors. A native of Louisiana, she called Texas home for over 20 years. She loves the outdoors, a good cup of coffee, and Pensacola, but misses fresh tortillas.

James Lawrence is a lifelong Episcopalian, husband, father, youth minister, traveler, reader, and writer. He enjoys the beach and the outdoors, cold brew coffee and red wine, and playing with his children at the park in his spare time.

“Human-sized Work in Progress” Laura Soule Boyles is an early church West-sider, who loves coffee, pajama-clad children, and a water view. Most days find her sharing her love of words and the world with students of Episcopal Day School, and later in her minivan running her children around town all afternoon, all to eventually nod off on the sofa. She lives in Pensacola, Florida, with her husband, 3 children, chocolate lab, and someone else’s cat. You can follow her musings on Twitter @jubileestories and Instagram @boyles.laura