The Bible Project

Join us this fall with an interactive journey to connect us with fellow parishioners and dig deeper into God’s Word. We will be using The Bible Project to lead us in our study. As the people of Christ Church, we will read the entire New Testament over the course of two Fall semesters.

Three Ways To Engage

Join us as we watch The Bible Project’s video that provides an overview of each book of the New Testament. After watching the video, we will have a time of small group discussions to get to know one another and dig deeper into Scripture. Sunday school will initially be held over zoom during this time of COVID, with the ability to transfer to an in-person format.

Disciple Track

Each week read a few passages from the book of the New Testament that we cover in Sunday School. The reading guide listed below allows you to read the highlights of the New Testament over two Fall semesters

Scholar Track

Each week read the entire book of the New Testament that we cover in Sunday School. The reading guide listed below allows you to read the entire New Testament over two Fall semesters.

If you are not able to join us, you can still be part of the journey by watching the videos on your own at the Bible Project:

1 Thessalonians
2 Thessalonians
1 Peter
2 Peter

Week of September 13: Matthew Part I:1-13

 Week One Disciple Track Scholar Track
Sunday, Sept 13 Matthew 1:1-25 (Jesus’ Genealogy and Birth) Matthew 1
Monday, Sept 14 Matthew 2:13-23, 3:1-12 (Flee to and Return from Egypt; John the Baptist) Matthew 2, 3
Tuesday, Sept 15 Matthew 5:1-20 (Sermon on Mt – Beatitudes, Salt and Light, Fulfillment) Matthew 4
Wednesday, Sept 16 Matthew 6:5-34 (Sermon – Lord’s Prayer, Treasures in Heaven, Anxiety) Matthew 5, 6, 7
Thursday, Sept 17 Matthew 8:14-27 (Healing, Follow Me, Calm Storm – Bringing Kingdom) Matthew 8, 9, 10
Friday, Sept 18 Matthew 12:1-32 (Confrontation with Pharisees – Responses to Jesus) Matthew 11, 12
Saturday, Sept 19 Matthew 13:1-23 (Parable of the Sower) Matthew 13

Week of September 20: Matthew Part II:14-28

 Week Two Disciple Track Scholar Track
Sunday, Sept 20 Matthew 16:13-28 (Who do you say I am? Peter, foretelling death, take up your cross) Matthew 14, 15, 16, 17
Monday, Sept 21 Matthew 20:1-16 (laborers in the vineyard, first will be last, upside down of kingdom, generosity of God) Matthew 18, 19, 20
Tuesday, Sept 22 Matthew 21:1-17 (triumphal entry, cleansing the Temple, clash with chief priests and scribes) Matthew 21, 22:1-14
Wednesday, Sept 23 Matthew 23:27-39 (Woes to scribes and Pharisees, lament over Jerusalem) Matthew 22:15-46, 23
Thursday, Sept 24 Matthew 26:17-29 (Passover, institution of Lord’s Supper) Matthew 24, 25
Friday, Sept 25 Matthew 27:32-54 (Crucifixion and death) Matthew 26, 27:1-54
Saturday, Sept 26 Matthew 28:1-20 (Resurrection and Great Commission) Matthew 27:55-66, 28