Waterfront Mission

As stated on the Waterfront Rescue Mission website, “No one dreams of being homeless.”  People seeking Mission services are struggling to cope with a wide range of complicated life issues. Some 44% of the people seeking help at Waterfront Mission have jobs and are struggling to keep their families together. Military veterans make up 16% of the population served by the Mission. The staff and volunteers at Waterfront Rescue Mission strive to address the physical and spiritual needs of people who are hungry and homeless by providing tools and services that bring about positive and lasting life change.

Second Saturday Breakfast — Christ Church Outreach at Waterfront

On the second Saturday of each month, Christ Church parishioners have the opportunity to serve breakfast at Waterfront Rescue Mission, 380 West Herman Street. Yes, volunteers’ arrival time to help with this outreach activity is early — 5:00 a.m. But what an uplifting way to start the day! Over the course of an hour, volunteers greet guests with friendly smiles, prepare food trays and hand out drinks to around 125 people experiencing hunger and homelessness.

The food served at Second Saturday Breakfast is actually prepared at Christ Church a day in advance. Volunteers to help put together breakfast casseroles in Christ Church kitchen on the second Friday of each month are always welcome and appreciated!

For more details about Second Saturday Breakfast contact Lisa Williams, at 449-2212 (call or text).

Travel size toiletries always needed

Please feel free to donate toiletry items collected during your travels. The large collection basket for travel-size items is located under the hallway table outside the Rector’s office. These items are delivered to and are greatly appreciated by the folks at Waterfront Rescue Mission.