Dave - Organ

Music at Christ Church

OrganMusic has always been an important part of worshiping Almighty God. From earliest times humankind has expressed its deepest emotions, including its yearning for closeness to God with song and musical instruments. Christ Church is known for its excellent music. At the heart of our music ministry resides The Kney Organ which is the result of an anonymous gift made by one family in 1973. At that time it was the largest single gift by a donor in the Churches’ 150-year history. The Kney Pipe Organ was custom built by Gabriel Kney & Co., Ltd. of London, Ontario to take advantage of the acoustics under The Great Dome. Through that single gift, the Kney Organ continues to be the cornerstone of our music ministry as well as our outreach to the community through our ‘Music at Christ Church’ concert series.

The Parish Choir

ChoirThe Parish Choir exists to lead the sung worship of the people of God in the pews at Christ Church, and to make musical offerings during the liturgy, offered to God, for his glory, and for the inspiration of his people. The Choir is open to adults and older youth.